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Once again I would like to express my "love" of the English language with another stumbling block of mine. For starters, a little background, I am a self diagnosed dyslectic. I do not think it is too severe. I have been able to find adequate workarounds, at least for the most part, I still struggle with spelling and the concept of 'right' and 'left'.

I was told that one of the ways dyslectics are able to recognize and spell words is by associating the way a word looks with something more meaningful (to a dyslectic), like what they represent and how they sound. For instance when I see the word "penny" I think of holding a real penny.

Most of the time it works well (it can be a little slow sometimes), however there are those words that are hard to associate with actual things. Words that do not easily associate with concrete objects or actions are tricky, homonyms are also trouble.

Both are against me in the case of since, sense and cents.

'Cents' has never given me any trouble, even though it sounds like the other two, the picture for that word is obvious and unique. Those other two though, those are trouble.

Currently my trick for figuring out which of these two words is called for is to imagine a brain, when I want to write "sense." As in "you got any sense?". Conversely when I want to write 'since' I think of a "river of time" or "one idea flowing in to the next" (dramatic isn't it).

I wish I just knew which one to use with out having to think about it, but at least I know how to determine the right one to use if I give my self enough time to figure it out.


It has been a while since I have wrote about the horrors of the english language. However I was inspired by a recent post on one of my favorite blogs, Stuff White People Like.

Some more homonyms I hate are rain, rein and reign. The first one is easy. Rain is easy to picture. The problem is when I have to spell either of the other two. I always want to spell it 'rain'. Fortunately both of the bad 'rains' have good synonyms however there are lots of expressions and idiomatic statements I like that require them. Oh well, poetry vs spelling I guess.


More good words, in fact words so good, that if used correctly, will add sagacity and profundity to nearly any conversation.


As more of a personal reminder I'm going to start posting weekly about typos that have plagued me in the recent past. Perhaps if you are struggling with the same typos something in here will help you.

This issues typos are:

1. Double space after a sentence. This is something I just learned about recently. I guess the double space is a hold over from the typewriter days. If one is on a computer, all sentences should end in a single space.

2. "Summery" when I really mean "summary". I like summer as much as the next person. However I almost never want to describe something as summer like. Hum. Perhaps, I should do that more often.

3. Determine. Turns out there is an 'e' at the end of determine. Since it's not there when it has one any many popular suffixes (determining, determinately), it is easy to forget it needs to be there.


As many of you know, my writing skills have always left something to be desired. As part of my weekly routine I'm intending to write on this site at least 3 times a week. Which seems like a lot but if necessary the posts can be very small. I'm thinking a good first step would be to just do any writing consistently, then I can add some additional goals about content and length.

As a reader I would encourage you to comment on my writing. If you have a moment to point out any flaws you spot in the writing on this site, I would really appreciate it.